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Voice-activate your Restaurant Menu in just 30 seconds flat!

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Think you’re busy? Yeah, so does everyone else. Now, just imagine how often Customers are doing stuff with their hands, holding something or literally have their hands full...when they could be ordering from your restaurant - hands free. Meet Voice Menu.

Increase Orders By 300%+

The future of voice ordering is here
List your menu on Voice Menu and give Customers a hands-free way to browse your menu - and order (join our beta group).
Scan with your phone’s camera to download from the App Store

If you use Square POS (we’re an official partner), then it takes just 30 seconds to import + publish your menu!

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Voice Menu is a voice-activated Menu & Ordering platform, built by world-class Hospitality Technologists and designed specifically with Operators in mind. The platform is comprised of 4 main parts:

1. Voice Menu - a cutting-edge, native mobile app, available for download on the App Store, which offers a fully voice-activated Customer experience that uses voice-recognition technology to make it easy for Customers to browse any restaurant, cafe or QSR’s menu using just their voice.

2. Voice Ordering - a revolutionary service, currently in BETA testing, that voice-enables the entire ordering experience for Customers - from choosing a location to adding items to their shopping bag to checking out and making payment (and even getting SMS Text Message and/or Rich Push Notification based Order Status Alerts). We left no stone unturned. The App was specifically designed based on the lifestyle habits and ordering tendencies of today’s Customer. Interested in getting early access for your restaurant?

3. Voice Menu Manager - a sophisticated, but easy to use back-end dashboard that helps Restaurants control, edit and update every facet of their Menu. Features various inventory syncing and controls, plus an Ordering KDS (for both web/online and in Operator Mode inside the Voice Menu App) to see all your incoming orders.

4. Voice Menu CarPlay App - Oct 16, 2021- introducing the all-new, first of its kind, Voice Menu CarPlay App for Apple iOS. Now, you can put your restaurant at the finger tips of over 50M+ cars in the US alone. Customers will be able to re-order from saved, recent or favorite orders in just 3-easy clicks. And, the average re-order takes just 5 seconds, making it the fastest ordering experience in the world. Learn more »

Getting Started Is Easy

Getting started is easy... and takes just 30 seconds if you happen to use Square POS or 15 minutes (on average) for everyone else.

Getting Started: Square POS Customers

If you use Square POS, then getting started is super quick and simple because we’re an official Square Partner company. All you have to do is securely connect your existing Square Account to our Voice Menu Square Application by clicking our “Connect” button then logging into your Square Account. Then, our system will automatically import all of your Menu Categories, Pricing, Images, Inventory Syncing and more.

And, don’t worry, we’ll mostly have read-only access only (ie. to read/see and pull your Menu data), which means we can’t mess up your account in any way. The only other access our system will ever have is “write” access to send orders directly to your Square POS equipment, which is optional and part of our brand-new Voice Ordering service.

Getting Started: Everyone Else

If you don’t use Square POS, then we’ve made it easy for you to list your Menu on Voice Menu too. Here’s our options:

1. DIY (do it yourself) - We’ve made it easy for you to create a Brand (ie. your Restaurant’s Name), create a Location(s), create Menu Categories and then create Menu Items within those categories.

2. Our Onboarding Team will handle it for you for a one-time charge of $9.99. Simply supply us with a copy of your latest menu.

3. Import from Excel or CSV (coming soon) - We know most Restaurants and Operators already have their Menus in some form of an excel or google sheets format for various back-of-house reasons, so we’re almost finished with an import template that will allow you to quickly copy/paste your entire Menu into our format and import it instantly into Voice Menu.

Own Part of Voice Menu »

We haven’t just created revolutionary Restaurant and VoiceTech, but we’re also currently taking reservations for a first of its kind program where we’ve decided to give 75% of the company to our initial Customers. Yep, you read that right.

Based on what Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are doing with voice-assistants, we think it’s safe to say voice is the "next big thing" and that it would be legendary to create and grow a cutting-edge company that is majority owned by the Restaurants, Customers and public themselves.

Interested in knowing more or reserving an equity stake now? Contact us at hello@voicemenu.com - We’d love to hear from you!


Interested in learning more, joining our BETA Program, becoming a Partner or working with us? Simply submit your info below and someone will get back to you immediately. Or, you can email us at hello@voicemenu.com

* If you already have the Voice Menu App installed on your phone or tablet, then our QR Codes will take Customers straight to your Menu (in the Voice Menu App) when scanned with their phone’s camera, otherwise it’ll take the Customer to the Voice Menu Download page in the App Store.

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Voice Menu

Welcome to Voice Menu

Voice-activate any Restaurant, Cafe, QSR or Fast Casual Menu in 30 seconds flat.

Plus, get an instant QR Code that opens your Voice Menu. Download the App, then scan our sample QR Code (below) to try it out! Good Eats »

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User signs up and creates a quick, basic Member Account - Name, Email, Business/Brand, Phone Number, etc - User creates a Brand Profile (Name, Image, Active, Token) - User connects their Square Account (inserts token into Brand table) - User imports Locations (with BrandID) + can optionally give each location a custom slugĀ  - User imports Categories (possibly with BrandID) Note: we should try to dynamically create the "unique" slug from the location name Hmmm, we need to dynamically create the Menu Pages too (if they want one/them) Note: We need to save the Brand ID in the Users table or the UserID in the Brands table For Square Menus Create a Brand Connect Square Account (saves token in brand table) Import Locations Import Categories These are optional (and for more control): Import Products Import Variations Import Modifier Lists Import Modifier Options For Local Menus Create a Brand Create Location(s) Create Categories (with @ Locations) Create Products (with @ Locations) Create VariationsĀ (with @ Locations) Create Modifier Lists (with @ Locations) Create Modifier Options (with @ Locations)
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