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Voice Menu


Voice Menu is a voice-activated mobile app for iOS (with Android coming soon) that makes it easy and hands-free to browse restaurant & cafe menus using just your voice. Think of it as a voice-recognition enabled, restaurant menu search engine. Download it from the App Store:

Down on the App Store



Voice Menu isn’t just a mobile app, it’s also a fully, self-sustained Menu Management Tool with its own built-in Voice-Ordering capabilities.


Voice Menu boasts a simple and easy to use Menu Manager to help you manage your Voice Menu in real-time, ensuring that your Customers always see the most up to date version of your menu. You’ll be able to edit, rename & hide your Locations and Menu Categories.


Voice Ordering is complete and coming soon, but we’re currently focused on onboarding new restaurants and uploading new menus first. So if you’re interested in adding voice ordering for your restaurant, simply create a free account and get your menu uploaded, then add your name here and we’ll let you know when it goes live.

Want to take Voice Ordering for a test drive? Download the Voice Menu App and try it out with the Good Eats (fictional test-only) location!

Down on the App Store



If you use Square POS, then it takes just 30 seconds to voice-activate your entire Menu! How, you ask? We’re not just an official Square Partner, we’re their most advanced technology partner in the world!

Just create a free account, click “Connect My Square Account” and that’s it! And, best of all your menu & inventory stay synced in real-time!


Dont use Square? No problem. Voice Menu is POS-agnostic, so anyone can quickly upload a Menu using our built-in Menu Manager - or our team can do it for you!



We’re giving 75% of the company away - right out the gates to partners/co-founders...regular people. Customers, hustlers, Clients, whoever - if you’re interested enough to join us then we’d love to have you. Click the Learn more button below to learn more about how our Partners Program works...

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