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Own a piece of the “next big thing”

We’re giving 75% of Voice Menu and its earnings back to the general public

If you haven’t heard by now, the “next big thing” is already here and it’s happening right now all around you. It’s Voice A.I. and Voice Ordering Tech - or as some might say: Voice Shopping & Voice Commerce, a $40B/year industry. And, there are more players than you may think. Amazon’s got Alexa and they’re working hard to lay claim to the voice-shopping industry before the general public even gets a whiff that it’s actually even a thing. And there are lots of others too - just google Voice AI or Voice Ordering.

But, out of all those big companies - we happen to be the best - and have the best technology.

And, not only because we’ve created a revolutionary Voice AI (with 99% accuracy), but because we’ve also created a ground-breaking platform that people can actually use...see...and truly understand. And, also because Apple made us the first (and still only) restaurant ordering platform for Apple CarPlay in the world - that advantage alone should make us a billion-dollar company once more people and restaurants find out about us. But, right now, we’re just a small E-Commerce Tech company based in Chicago, so we’re absolutely going to lose this small window of an advantage if we don’t do something bold.

And, before you even think it, yes, we’ve already played the VC game for literally the last 2 years and now everybody has almost caught up to us. So we need to shut them down - and fast.

So, we’re doing something none of them would ever do in a million years. We’re going to make the entire platform free (don’t worry, we specialize in passive monetization) to put a strangle-hold on the entire voice-ordering market and we’re also going to give 75% of the entire company (and its earnings) back to the general public through 3 Community Programs we’ve created:

1. Digital Land Lot Ownership with 75% Profit Sharing

- Basically, we’re building the largest voice-enabled search engine for Restaurant Menus on earth and selling the virtual server spaces (ie. Digital Land Lots) where those Menus are stored, which entitles the owner to 75% of all the income those Menus generate - forever (paid monthly). Plus, DLOs will also receive a final cash-out payout when we sell Voice Menu based on the percentage of Digital Lots they own. Learn more ›

2. Restaurant Partnerships with all our core services free + Buy-Back Giveaways

- Not only are we not going to gouge restaurants with ridiculous prices, but we’re going to give them our core services for absolutely free and also put money back into their restaurant with our Gift Card Buy-Back Giveaways. We’re accepting a limited number of restaurants for our “First Wave”, which will guarantee a percentage of Voice Menu’s monthly revenue to be distributed among those Restaurant Partners only, plus a variety of free premium services, like target marketing texts (and push notifications) to Customers + featured positioning throughout the Voice Menu platform/apps. Learn more ›

3. VIP Customers + Ambassador Memberships with 75% Profit Sharing

- This one’s going to be fun. Not only have we made the fastest, smoothest voice-ordering experience & features, but we’re going to also be randomly depositing money into VIP Customers’ Voice Menu Wallets and Debit Cards every week! VIPs will get a percentage of revenue every month, plus a chance to win random deposits every week - plus up to a $7,000+ cash pay-out when we sell Voice Menu. Learn more ›

So, if you truly want to support and help restaurants - please share Voice Menu (and this page) and help us spread the word! You can also buy some Digital Lots or buy our VIP Ambassador Card here »

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