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How does Voice Menu work?

- Voice Menu uses voice-recognition technology to voice-enable Restaurant, Cafe, QSR and Fast Casual Menus, thereby making it possible for Customers to browse their favorite menus completely hands-free - simply using their voice. See our How It Works page to learn more »

What are some examples of voice-commands that I can say?

● “Browse Menus”
● Any Restaurant Name, like “Good Eats”
● The name of a Restaurant Location, like “Good Eats Brooklyn“ (ie. for franchises and chains)
● Any Category Name, to browse all the Menu Items in that Category, like “Appetizers” or “Drinks”
● Any Menu Item by name, like “Pizza” or “Cheese Burger” or “Smoothie”
● Any Add-on or Option, like “Cheese” rr “Almond Milk”, etc.

Some general voice-command examples:
● Next, Back, Check out, Up, Down/More, Clear, etc.

Does it cost anything?

- No. You can voice-activate your menu(s) completely free! We do plan on eventually introducing some awesome paid/premium features to help restaurants take advantage of voice technology, as well as keep our lights on!

How long does it take to voice-activate MY menu?

- About 30 seconds if you use Square, as in Square POS, ie. https://squareup.com - And, if you don’t use Square, then we have a Stand-Alone Menu Manager feature that allows you to manually enter your Menu Items, plus an Import feature that allows you to import your Menu.

Or, our team can do it for you for a one-time fee of $9.99.

How do I set my Menu up?

- It’s quick and takes just 4 easy steps....
  • 1. Sign up for a free account (10 seconds).
  • 2. Add/Create a new Restaurant Brand (ie. the name of your Restaurant, Cafe, QSR, Fast Casual Location, etc - 5 seconds)
  • 3. Connect your Square Account (5 seconds)
  • 4. Import your Restaurant Location(s) (5 seconds)
And that’s it! We even left 5 seconds of wiggle room for the slow-pokes!

How do I know if my Square Account is connected?

- On your Edit Account page you’ll see your Brand(s)*. If you’ve successfully and correctly connected your Square Account, then you’ll see a green row under your Brand’s name that shows the Square logo (in white) and the text “Connected”.

* A Brand is like your overall Restaurant, QSR, Cafe, Fast Casual Location or Company name - and each Brand can have one or many locations.

Also, when you first connect your brand, if everything went through correctly and successfully then you’ll see a Success page like this:

View Successfully Connected Page »

How does the QR Code and Unique Custom Link work?

- Our system generates a unique, custom link and QR Code that Customers can scan (with any phone’s camera) to be taken straight to your Voice Menu in the iPhone or iPad App!

And, if Customers don’t already have the Voice Menu App then the QR Code will simply taken them straight to the Voice Menu App page in the App Store.

QR Code

Why does my Menu load a little slow in the Voice Menu App?

- If you have a ton of Menu Items (and/or Add-On Options) then it might load slow because our system pulls directly from Square in real-time. So, you could:

1. Simply adjust how many items you have in certain Categories (in Square), or
2. Create specific Categories (in Square) just for your Voice Menu, or
3. Sign up for one of our Premium Member Services that includes the Blazing Fast Menu (ie. Menu Speed Boost), which we created to make your Menu load 10Xs faster.

What are the Premium Member Service(s) and how much do they cost?

They’re basically flat-priced or monthly subscription (or pay-as-you-go) services, which include a lot of different upgraded features and services that help you manage your Menu better, while also giving you optional Voice Ordering capabilities.

See more on Voice Menu Pricing »

* Ask us about First-come, First-served discounts, as well as low-priced, limited Lifetime Memberships.

Menu Speed Boost upgrade - is a paid feature that technically stores your entire Menu on Voice Menu’s system and servers, but periodically checks Square for changes and/or updates. This allows your Menu to load blazingly fast because it’s not pulling from Square’s API & servers.

One of the ways we achieve this massive speed boost is to store your Menu/Product images on our servers also - and to host them via CDN (Content Delivery Network), which means we’ll also securely store your Menu/Product images in various server warehouses around the country so the load blazing fast no matter where a User may be.

And, don’t worry - the whole storing images thing may sound like a lot of work, but we pull those straight from Square too! All it takes is 1-click and maybe a minute or two while they download from Square. Then once the import is done, it’ll look somewhat like this:


And, then our system instantly “maps” them to the correct Menu Items.

Will my Menu show my current Inventory?

- Yes. If you use Square or pay for a Direct Integration Upgrade.

Square POS Users - because our system pulls directly from Square, your Menu will always stay in sync and we’ve even built in an Inventory Overrides feature that allows you to instantly force any item or add-on to be hidden from your Voice Menu.

Stand-Alone Menu Manager Users - you’ll be able to tap a simple toggle switch button next to any Menu Item or Add-On Option to set it to “out-of-stock’, which will hide it from your Voice Menu instantly. We’ve made it easy to do - even from a mobile phone!

Or, you can text our local Customer Service Number or email our Customer Support Email and a member from our team will do it for you!

1-844-77VMENU (1-844-778-6368)

- or -


Can Customers order from my restaurant on Voice Menu?

- Yes! We’ve built that feature in because our parent company actually specializes in Order Ahead Technology for Restaurants! If you’re interested in getting started immediately or joining our BETA group, please contact us at hello@voicemenu.com or learn more here »

If you’d like to take Voice Ordering for a test-drive get in touch with us at hello@voicemenu.com and we’ll show you how you can easily test it right now - using our official Voice Menu App that’s already live in the App Store!


Download Voice Menu on the App Store:

Down on the App Store



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