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Voice Menu


Voice Menu uses voice-recognition with our own patent-pending Voice AI technology to allow Customers to use simple, natural voice-commands to navigate hands-free through Restaurant Menus, as well as the entire ordering and checkout process. Voice Menu currently has over 500,000 US restaurant and cafe menus and our goal is to voice-activate every menu in America (Note: Voice-Ordering on Voice Menu is optional).

So, you can say things like “Browse Menu”, or say any Restaurant Location Name or Menu Category for example. You can even say “Up” or “Down”, “Back” and “More”.

Our ordering technology is based on the extensive ordering power of the Pre-Order Mobile App platform, a powerful e-commerce ordering ecosystem that boasts the smoothest, fastest checkout experience in the world - with the least amount of clicks/taps.

See a 6-step overview of the entire Ordering Process below...


Monthly Support for BETA Members will be locked in and never exceed $25/mo.

Want to take Voice Menu, Voice Ordering or the Voice Menu CarPlay App for a test drive? Those features are all built into the very same single app. Just download the Voice Menu App from the App Store and try it out for yourself!

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