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Make Money From Voice-Enabled Menus

We’re in process of loading half the Restaurant (and Cafe) Menus in America, which we’ve already voice-enabled with our revolutionary Voice AI (with 99% accuracy) to try to stake an early claim to voice-ordering, the “next big thing” in tech (which is starting to blow up everywhere right now). Amazon is nipping on our heels with Alexa and trying to lay claim to this $40B/year industry, so we’ve decided to do something really community-focused and bold...

Digital Lot
We’re giving 75% of the company equity and revenue back to the general public in the form of Digital Land Lots (ie. server-spaces or cubes that each host a voice-enabled menu on our servers). “Digital Land Owners” can then earn 75% of all the monthly revenue those Menus generate (from our various monetization features, deals and partnerships). We’ve created 1M Digital Lots and here’s the pricing...

1-5 $2.5/ea $2.5/ea .0001%+ $750+
6 $14.40 $2.40 .0006%+ $4,500
7 $16.10 $2.30 .0007%+ $5,250
8 $17.60 $2.20 .0008%+ $6,000
9 $18.90 $2.10 .0009%+ $6,750
10 $20 $2.00 .0010% $7,500
14 $25 $1.79 .0014% $10,500
29 $50 $1.72 .0029% $21,750
45 $75 $1.67 .0045% $33,750
62 $100 $1.61 .0062% $46,500
130 $200 $1.29 .0130% $97,500
200 $300 $1.50 .0200% $150,000
275 $400 $1.45 .0275% $206,250
375 $500 $1.33 .0375% $281,250
475 $600 $1.26 .0475% $356,250
600 $700 $1.17 .0600% $450,000
750 $800 $1.07 .0750% $562,500
1,000 $900 $0.90 .1000% $750,000
1,333 $1,000 $0.75 .1333% $1,000,000

Voice-Enabled Menus*: 300,000
Total General Market Lots: 700,000
Total Digital Lots Available: 1,000,000

Ave. Monthly Revenue*/Lot: $2.8+/mo.

* We’re in an ongoing process of adding + voice-enabling more menus daily. And, as part of our Digital Land Owner (DLO) Partners Agreement, when Voice Menu gets bought, we’ll treat (ie. fiscally recognize) 100% of the acquisition price as revenue, so our DLOs will split 75% of that amount too. The “Payout” column above is based on our exit goal of at least $1B. The average monthly revenue of $2.8/lot is a projected amount based on our current paid/premium features, partnerships + deals.

Voice Menu Global - 15M estimated Restaurant Menus Worldwide
Yes, we are absolutely taking Voice Menu global, but don’t worry, we’ll never dilute your revenue share percentage. Our plan is to simply keep adding more menus. After the US, we’ll add all 200,000 Restaurant Menus in Canada and then begin focusing on international tourist-destination cities that are English-speaking friendly (due to how our VoiceTech currently works), but we are prepared to add translation features for restaurants internationally after we voice-enable all English-speaking Restaurants first. Note: By reported estimates, there are currently about 14-15M Restaurants worldwide.



+40% Guaranteed Return/Digital Lot (per month)
Right now we’re Voice Menu is guaranteeing that each Digital Land Lot will make an average of at least $0.25/mo for the next 6 months or we’ll cover and pay that amount per lot ourselves.

That’s a total profit of $0.75 per Lot, which might not sound like much, but imagine if you owned 500 Lots - that’d be $375 in profit, which means you’d make more than double.

We are, however, projecting that from our various monetization partnerships, paid features, deals, etc. our Lots should reach an average of $2.80/Lot fairly quickly, which would mean a $1,400 profit on a $165 spend - an 8X+ return profit.


Or https://voicemenu.square.site

Or, if you’d like to speak with someone directly email us at partners@voicemenu.com or call 312-857-3511 (M-F business hours).


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