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$80B+ in Voice Commerce by 2023.

That’s how much voice-based shopping and purchases are projected to generate in the next year alone. And, the Restaurant Industry itself is expected to generate a whopping $980B+ in revenue by 2023 - and all the major restaurant groups and chains have either already started adding Voice or are in the process. So, you do the math...

In case you haven't noticed, Voice is already the “next big thing” and it's blowing up everywhere (right now) right under everybody’s noses. And, we were one of the first in the world to do it - and thankfully, we are still one of the best at it, having created our own revolutionary Voice A.I. with 99% accuracy and the first fully hands-free voice-ordering mobile app in the world.

IN-CAR ORDERING - the next “next big thing”

Also, the next  “next big thing” already appears to be In-Car Ordering and we’ve got a major claim to that too - Apple, yes, the $1T Apple, approved Voice Menu to become the first (and still currently, only) Restaurant Ordering platform for Apple CarPlay in the world - giving us access to over 50M+ American vehicles with over 75M+ drivers and passengers - that alone should make us a $1B+ company if we can get the word out quick enough.

FYI, all these geniuses are out there talking about in-car ordering and this and that and we've quietly bought up almost all the relevant names and domain names around it all. Like https://incarordering.com for example.


But, what if YOU could get a piece of this next big thing (and the next)? Help us snatch it right from under the grasp of these big companies before they get their hooks into it and we'll give you a percentage of monthly revenue - plus a final cash payout if and when we sell it.

We're giving 75% of the company to the general public

In short, we’re giving 75% of the company and earnings back to the general public using a revolutionary strategy we came up with before NFTs were even a thing - called Digital Land Lots (ie. basically server-spaces in the Cloud where we store each voice-activated Restaurant Menu). And, we have all the tech, deals, partnerships and Digital IP in place to basically bully our way to the top - we just need the social media and marketing help.

If you’re interested in knowing more, please feel free to reach out at partners@voicemenu.com or call 312-857-3511 and if you’re ready to rock and roll, join us...

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