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VOICE MENU for Square

Here’s a quick video of Voice Menu’s voice-ordering in action with the popular Square POS. As an official Square Partner and one of their top technology partners, Voice Menu seamlessly sends orders quickly and directly to the Square POS Incoming Orders screen - making it an easy, effortless extension of all your existing Square POS order channels.

Best of all, any Restaurant or Cafe can securely connect their Square Account and voice-enable their entire menu + add voice-ordering in about 30 seconds.

Voice Menu also has optional Order Status Alerts, Emails, Push Notifications and Text Messages that help let your Customers track their Order’s status... best of all, these are all linked to the blue button (ie Mark as Ready) when you click on an Order on the Square Active Orders screen!

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If you’re interested in knowing more or speaking to someone, we'd love to hear from you. Email hello@voicemenu.com or call 312-857-3511 during business hours (9am CST-5pm CST) M-F.



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