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Hands-free searching/browsing (of menus) and ordering is absolutely the “next big thing” in the restaurant industry. We’re not going to waste time telling you why and “selling” it to you. Go to Google, put in some searches and see for yourself. And, as far as our own technology and why you will absolutely want to work with us - you should check out our technology and see for yourself. We’ve managed to create the most accurate and revolutionary Voice AI + voice ordering on the planet.



We know you don’t know us, but we’re pretty sure you’ve probably heard of Apple, right? You know - the $1 Trillion dollar company. Well, they made Voice Menu the first and currently, only, restaurant ordering platform for Apple CarPlay in the world. Just let that sink in for a minute...

We’re on the forefront of virtual ordering in cars, by touching the windshields like flatscreens - and eventually hologram based 3D ordering interfaces - in a self-driving vehicle. Laying down the foundation now is how we are first when all that craziness starts - oh, and they’re working on it RIGHT...NOW.

CarPlay is currently in 50M+ American Cars, giving us a potential reach of 75M drivers and passengers - and if more people knew about Voice Menu RIGHT NOW, we have such an automated system that we could onboard and put every single restaurant in the US in CarPlay in a matter of hours - without even lifting a finger. That alone, would make us a multi-billion dollar company and allow us to COMPLETELY lock the in-car ordering industry down with a 100% market share.

But, we need some help and there are tons of VCs out there who already have RestaurantTech companies who are trying to run interference, so that’s one of the reasons why we are going with the community-approach. Try to beat us if we’re giving 75% of the company revenues and profits back to the general public. Good luck.


VOICE MENU for Square

Thought we were finished? Nope. Here’s one more official partnership that makes us a sure-win. Here’s a quick video of Voice Menu’s voice-ordering in action with the popular Square POS. As an official Square Partner, we were able to make it so any of the Restaurants, Cafes or food-related businesses in America who use Square can voice-enable their entire Menu and activate voice-ordering in about 30 seconds - giving us instant integration potential with over 4M businesses.

Note: We’ve got more recently established partnerships and deals to help us monetize Voice Menu, but these are just a few. There are 2 more top-secret multi-billion dollar companies we’ve just partnered with that give us a ridiculous advantage


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If you’re interested in knowing more or speaking to someone, we'd love to hear from you. Email hello@voicemenu.com or call 312-857-3511 during business hours (9am CST-5pm CST) M-F.



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